Alas, I have caved!

Monday, June 30, 2008

As a freelance journalist trying to make her way in the big bad world of the printed word, I have decided to create a blog as an opportunity to write more and also link some of my on-line works.

So that's good for me, but what's in it for you?

  • ADVENTURE - Not one to spend my weekends at home catching up on re-runs of the Simpsons; I can promise colourful tales of life in the Inner-West of Sydney and abroad. There will be music, beer and the odd injury!
  • TRAVEL - Having spent 5 months backpacking last year, there will be plenty of tips and stories as I recount time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Next month I will be 'lost in translation' as I enbark on a camping holiday in Japan!
  • TIME OUT - From time to time we all need a distraction or an excuse to procrastinate. That's exactly what this blog will provide and surely it has to be better than answering another 'How Well Do You Know Me' survey!

That's all for now.... but stay tuned!